Victrix WWI plastics coming soon

Victrix has some new WWI plastic minis they’re working on that will be available soon.


From the announcement:

Next we have a bit of a 28mm WW1 surprise for you! WW1 British and Germans are being worked on at present for a dual release followed by heavy weapons and characters and then followed by French. Julian has been pushing for this period for a long time (since we began 6 years ago I think!) Bob is doing a lovely job on these. This is just a teaser to wet the appetite so a few more images next week. Keep watching for updates of this exciting new period for us.

  • Haibane

    Interesting – is this a first for 28mm hard plastics for this era?

    • puster


      I loved the Victrix kits, but as I am neither into Napoleonics nor Greeks they got no income from me.

      I assume this will change. 🙂
      I just hope they will not forget about the temporary largest army of the war, the Russians.

  • Gallahad

    Exciting news. I’ve always been interested in doing a bit of Weird World War I gaming.