Victrix Salute 2010 products and deals page

Victrix Ltd have posted their Salute 2010 products and deals page with info about their offerings at Salute 2010.

From their website:

We have just put up our Salute 2010 page. Please have a look at this to see some of the new products we will have on sale at the show and online, Plus some really fantastic deals and Freebies for customers at the show.

Included in the new products will be metal Portuguese Line infantry, Grenadiers, Command and Mounted Colonels. Check out the Portuguese Battalion and Brigade deals.

Also we will have this week our new Hanoverian head packs. There are two packs, one with shakos and one with caps. These are to be used on the Victrix British centre company figures to turn them into Hanoverian Landwhere. The packs not only include 36 heads, they also include 36 folded blankets. These can be used to replace the British backpacks to reflect the sometimes poor supply of the Landwhere and Militia units. Check out the Hanoverian head deal on the Salute page.