Victrix release Napoleonic Russian command packs

Victrix Ltd have added new 28mm metal Russian Napoleonic command packs to their online store as well as new Russian brigade and battalion deals.

Russian Grenadier Command

From their website:

We are pleased to announce that we have released our Russian Grenadier command pack and our Pavlovski command. Paul Hicks sculpted these wonderful fellows, as he does with all our metal ranges. He has done a lovely job on these, giving them a real sense of movement and character, which fits perfectly with our plastic ranges.

We have just uploaded some new Battalion and Brigade deals for the Russians on the shopping cart. A Grenadier and Pavlovski Battalion deal which gives you 40 figures for £40 saving you 20% off normal retail price. Also from now until the 31stDecember anybody who orders the Grenadier or Pavlovski Battalion deal gets a free pack of colonels.
The new Brigade deals give you 123 figures for £126 saving you 20% off the normal retail price. This allows you to field some quality opposition to our Early French at a reasonable cost.