Victory Force release CLAWS II

CLAWS IIVictory Force have released the CLAWS II sci-fi miniature.

From their announcement:
The CLAWS II is now available at Victory Force Miniatures.

A few months ago, JC McDaniel sent me the legs he had been converting from the original CLAWS he created, for a CLAWS II.
I took over from there and started to develop the CLAWS II “Hopper” figure. As I was working on the “Hopper”, I decided to do another Claws II in homage to JC’s Samurai figures. I named this one CLAWS IIa “SAM”. Its head and body are disproportioned to each other, to frighten opponents. You can pretend the banners attached to its back wave as it attacks with its sword and gun
Both are easier to put together than the original CLAWS, but still require modelling skills to build. I intentionally left the point where the arms connect to the torso as a ball and socket. Doing this requires drilling and pinning, but lets you select the position of the arms before attaching. The legs are one piece and the hands are attached to the arms.

The figures stand about 65mm tall from foot to the top of the head. Both weigh almost double the original CLAWS.
You can find them in the Victory Store in the Aurora section or the Newest Products section.

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