Victory Force 50 Zombies for $50

By tgn_admin
In Horror
Mar 29th, 2011

Victory Force has a special offer giving you 50 Zombies for $50.

50 Zombies for $50

From their announcement:

This Special is for 50 Zombies for $50! Thats $1 for each zombie!!! This Special will be for a very very short time, so hurry. Find the Special in the Victory store.

The Details
This special consists of 50 randomly picked zombie figures selected from the same figure types as those found in the Zombie Horde Set#033002.

( none of the figures are selected from any of the zombies starting with the numbers 3330..)

At this time there are 75 different figures ( 44 original and 31 conversions) in the pool the random figures are picked from.
You allow us to pick what you receive, you save money, thats the deal.

Figures are of basic design.

This pack is sold at a special price and is not included in any Sales, Specials or Coupon Codes. Pack will contain repeats.

  • supervike

    It’s a fantastic deal for some very good looking zeds. I just don’t like repeats of my figures.

  • I just put an order in. I was wanting to do a zombie apocalypse survivor game, but didn’t want to be lazy and use the plastic Zombie figs.

    This will be great.


  • VFM

    The Special “50 Random Zombies for $50” will end sometime on Sunday April 3rd 2011.

    If you are wanting the special price, it would be best to order by Saturday. The Special can end at anytime on Sunday and once it ends it is over. Sorry, I will not be able to give the special price to anyone who writes me after it is over.

    Thanks to all who have ordered

    Thank you

    James Bland