Victory Decision: Future Combat “Rival Species” released

AD Publishing has released their new Victory Decision supplement entitled Rival Species. Get your alien fighting boots and get going.


From the release:

Rival Species is the first Expansion for Victory Decision: Future Combat and focusses on genetically engineered alien threats.
Some alien races engineer and grow all of their technology organically. This could be due to viewing mechanical technology as blasphemy or the species could be a predatory culture with no higher goals than the propagation of their species and the destruction of any other life that could pose a threat.
A Bio-Engineered force is not governed by a strict military structure in the way other races are. The group intelligence of the Bio-Engineered Aliens allows them to integrate a huge amount of hordes until their armies become immense forces, crushing any resistance that crosses its path.

Rival Species brings you a complete army list, new Special Rules like an additional Overwatch Action, new Psi Powers, new Abilities and Weapon Features.

A copy of the Victory Decision: Future Combat rulebook is necessary to fully use the content of this book.

As with our previous books you get a full colour version with many high quality pictures of fully painted models and a mostly B&W printer friendly version.
You can get the eBook as usual via the Wargame Vault for $6.74.