Victory At Sea has first prototype made

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 27th, 2012

Mongoose Publishing got in their first prototype for their Victory At Sea line and they wanted to show it off to everyone.

From the announcement:

The first prototype of our forthcoming Victory at Sea range made an appearence in our office this morning. Designed by Sandrine in 3D software (and then checked and rechecked by our team of Naval Boffins), these are 1/2400 scale ships cast in resin with a few metal odds and ends, such as turrets, with the intention of cramming as much detail as possible on to them – we have, we are pretty sure, the most accurate hull shapes in scale this, for example, but more on that at a later date.

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  • Bostich

    Look to be at GHQ or better quality. I also like the base being included. If I didn’t already have an almost full set of GHQ ships…

    … oh hey and Victory at Sea 2.0! Nice.

  • wildger

    Why bother? Just contract out to F-toys. That Japanese company has already made a whole series of 1/2400 battleship and they all look pretty look. They all came with a transparent base and fully painted.

  • Piston Honda

    They look great. May buy a few unfortunately I own quite a few GHQ ships so there are few ships I would buy.

    Now if they produced some WW1 ships


  • cama

    They do look promising; GHQ are the platinum standard in this scale and period, and I own fleets already. Nice rules though!

  • cama

    Added comment:
    From their blog – “Please note this is a prototype – the final version will have several changes. For example, the base will be flatter, probably squarer, have a wave/wake effect on the surface and likely a flat area for you to place a flag and name label (which we are aiming to provide). The turret guns, while scale-accurate in size, are too thin to a) look completely right and b) survive more than a game or two, and so will be made a little thicker. The top of the bridge has not cast properly on this particular model, and we will be altering the mould to suit.”

    The waves and integral base are a great idea. The label area, and provided labels are also a terrific idea.


    • Bostich

      Pricing will be key. Luckily GHQ is expensive (but worth it), so if they can come in somewhere between there and say Panzerschiffe then they should do okay.

      I’m guessing they’re hoping the release of VaS 2.0 and the ships creates some buzz around naval wargaming … surprising since I’d always assumed it a niche adequately taken care of.

      • Piston Honda

        LOL, panzershiffe miniatures. 😀

      • cama

        I think rules are the gap. They are either too simple or too complex right now. Hopefully VAS 2.0 will be a nice addition to the existing rules – I think they need a bit more complexity

        Seekrieg for example requires a degree in advanced naval mathematics…

  • n815e

    I honestly wonder, at this point, who has faith in Mongoose? They have horrible quality control. You’ll get ships miscast and gaping with bubbles. Nobody there cares what the product looks like or that they are giving you what you paid for.

    They had to switch to metal for their Starfleet line.