VBAM Second Edition preview part 3: Star Systems

A new Victory By An Means second edition preview has been posted. This new preview looks at star system creation in the space combat campaign system.

From their website:

Welcome to this third (and much belated) installment of the VBAM Second Edition preview series. The last few weeks have been busy ones for me, both personally and professionally. It is obviously “that time of year again,” during which we find ourselves pulled in a hundred different directions. Despite all of this, work on 2E has continued to move forward. I am at the awkward stage of development at which every minor change, clarification, or restructuring creates a cascade effect requiring that other sections of the rules be updated to reflect these new modifications. It is for that reason that I have held off until now to release additional playtest materials for review. I wanted to make sure that as much of the materials were ready for review as possible before placing them out there for public scrutiny.