Urban Mammoth releases new wave of minis for Urban War

Urban Mammoth has a new wave of minis for Urban War available now.


From the announcement:

The 3rd wave of the Neo-Iskandrians releases are now available to order. This instalment includes a final blister of Companions, armed with entropic carbines, but the stars of this release are the elite Hypaspists, no self-respecting Neo-Isk player should be without them! There are 3 blisters in total, two twin packs: one set armed with Entropic carbines the other with Xyston and a single figure pack of a Marksman armed with a DMR. Look out for the Myrmidons in the next wave!

  • 4tonmantis

    I’m about to be knee-deep in Deadzone and am teaching my 10 year old 40k as well, but man, the part of me that played void 1.1 really wants to give this a try, especially with all the cool terrain that has been popping up lately that fits this setting.

  • scottjm

    Nice paint job and the figure is nice, simple and doesn’t have a lot crap hanging off of it.