Urban Construct has new bridge

Urban Construct has a new bridge terrain piece they want you all to see. So here it is.

From the release:

Urbanconstruct are pleased to present their new resin 25/28mm ‘Flyover’ raised roadway, central reservation and crash barriers, which will all be available in limited quantities at Salute 2012 (21st April). Suitable for modern, 40k and rpg etc…We will also be unveiling our new Cold War BTR-80 amphibious APC model, which has a turned brass barrel. Still in service in some countries.

As with all our models these have highly textured surfaces. In this case the surface reflects rough cast concrete. In some places the surface has spoiled away to expose the aggregate and reinforcing bars. We’re not sure of the cause but perhaps the nuclear explosion 20km away or local HE gunfire had something to do with this.

The individual flyover, bridge or ‘freeway’ is only £7 for a length of 290mm and has walls either side which are 20mm high, superbly suited to rest weapons on! Alternative column sets are available. The four column set can be used as a pair to support a bridge over, for example a motorway or river or just as a cross-over support in the built environment. The single ‘T’ support has a separate base so that the models can be detached and stored or transported flat.

Metal barriers are also available to top off the parapet or as a crash barrier on the central reservation model.

As with our other buildings and sewers, this series of models is manufactured to a modular format. The advantage of our modular approach is that you have flexibility in how you lay them out or re-use them for alternative scenarios.

To avoid disappointment we will be taking Salute pre-orders from now until Wednesday 18th April.

  • So awesome!

  • Dewbakuk

    Looks fantastic, £7 a length? That seems very reasonable but it depends what everything else costs, how much are the pillars/supports/barriers? That setup looks like it’s probably got 4 lengths in it…

    Still, 4 lengths = £28 + the cost of extras, lets assume a similar price for pillars, slightly less for metal bits… call it £50-55 for that seup. Totally worth it I expect!

    • thanks for your comments. Glad you like it. Picture is 3 lengths plus 100mm ruined section, cantilvered.
      here’s the other prices:
      main flyover straight 290mm long £7.00 GBP to confirm.
      the ‘T’ piece supports, including base are £ 3.50 each,
      the four column supports are £ 4.50 each
      the central reservation sections are £2.50 GBP each, 145mm long approx (to fit our road and sewer module dimension).
      the ruined bridge section, 110mm max long is £4.00 GBP
      the 95mm long approx cast metal crash barriers are £3.00 GBP per pair (these are quite rare).
      BTR-80 amphibious APC with turned brass barrel, £18.00 GBP

      The columns are wide enough to support 2 sections each so that: 3 are reqd to support 2 sections, 4 are required to support 3 sections etc…If you want to mix the ‘T’ supports with the 4 column supports then to get the same height you would either need a central reservation section underneath the ‘T’ section base (£2.50 each) or let me know and I can cast the 4 column support shallower to be the same height.

      other models in this range to follow…
      cheers, Dave

      • Dewbakuk

        Thanks for letting us know the prices. So looking at that pic (and excluding vehicles etc) the price comes in at a bit less than my estimate for a similar setup. I’m impressed.

        Yet another reason to wish I hadn’t had to cancel my Salute trip 🙁

        • thanks for your comments.
          Salute was very busy and some didnt get in for about half an hour. But you’ll be pleased to know that they’re available to order on our website http://www.urbanconstruct.co.uk

  • McRockin

    That’s really nice – I like the shot too, reminds me of old sci-fi book covers!

  • GnomesofZurich

    When will these be available to those not able to attend Salute?

    • now avaialble on our website http://www.urbanconstruct.co.uk
      thanks for your interest. Where abouts are you based?

      • GnomesofZurich

        I’m in northern Canada, so the trek to Salute is a bit far. Any plans to build ramps to connect normal roads to the bridge? I also don’t see the metal crash barriers or BTR-80 on your website.

  • jmw23

    I really like this terrain piece! That said, I’m a bit confused as to how a model would get on or off the highway. I’m guessing there is an on-ramp piece?

    • I’m in the process of developing this, might take a couple of weeks. The details of the other models are now on our website http://www.urbanconstruct.co.uk and we can now take orders. It proved popular at Salute.