Updates from GAMA – TGN Broadcast

By TGN Ross
In News
Mar 14th, 2012

Hey Everyone,

We will be travelling to a lot of conventions this season and have decided to launch TGN Broadcast!

This portion of TGN will be a pro-active content provider with convention coverage, video interviews, exclusive content and much more. With an exciting convention season ahead of us, we are looking forward to TGN Broadcast.

The first segment of TGN Broadcast is starting at GAMA, so look forward to updates from us!

Here are some early pictures from the exhibitor hall.


  • Veritas

    GW has a booth?! Run by GW?? I thought they didn’t attend events not run by GW.

    • Yeah.. what’s up with that? Did GW decide to come out of their corner and join the rest of the community finally?

      • keltheos

        Do they really need to ‘join the community’ of manufacturers hawking their products at a show I’ve heard described by more than one store owner/manufacturer as ‘not all that great’? If you’re a game store shouldn’t you already know who GW is?

        • Cynical much?

          It’s about building a RELATIONSHIP. GW has an extremely bad reputation with all of the gaming stores who are “too small” to stock the GW minimum as well as brick and mortar stores who have been burned by GW’s policies. I assume you’ve never had to establish professional relationships with clients. I can tell you that it’s not easy and once you lose that, it’s even harder to re-gain.

          • TGN Ross

            GW has been at multiple distributor trade shows the last couple of years, or atleast the ones that I go too. They don’t show off new product but they do display and talk about what GW is all about.

            There are people out there that do not know about all the companies that have product, so attending these sort of conventions are good for manufacturers.

            Also, lets try not to make generalizations and company bash 🙂

          • I don’t think it’s company bashing to state that GW has made decisions that hurt their reputation. That is a documented fact. I was not aware though that they had actually started to become more “social” and had been attending trade shows and whatnot. That is good to know.

    • lordofexcess

      Ya I had the same reaction … what the hell … next we’ll see GW at Gencon. I guess things are really getting bad for GW .. lol.

      • lordofexcess

        I don’t think anyone is bashing … GW for well over a decade took the stance that they ran their own shows and didn’t go to other shows. Fair enough if they’ve been going to stuff for a few years now. I haven’t been to GAMA or any other trade shows for a few years so it was just a little shocking to see a picture of their booth. I’d assume that was the reaction others had as well.

  • Thanks for posting, but can you make these pics larger in the future? I’m looking at whole booths and can’t read the posters at all.

  • Thanks for the coverage of the event Ross! The CMON booth looks awesome!

  • Glad to see you have a working camera now 🙂

  • Reaper_Steve

    Those rolls of cable all over the floor pose a serious tripping hazard!

  • twolf29

    Why is GW being there news? I was at GAMA three years ago, and GW had a booth then, too. They were showing off their (then unreleased) plastic Valkyrie kit. There was even a raffle to win one – sadly unwon by me 😀