Updated list of OOP GW figures

By tgn_admin
In 40K
Mar 30th, 2011

A new list of figures have been marked as out-of-print by Games Workshop. This may actually mean that they are being removed to Direct Only status.

  • 46-25 Eldar Striking Scorpions
  • 46-27 Eldar Warp Spiders
  • 46-29 Eldar Rangers
  • 46-36 Eldar Warlock
  • 47-64 Techpriest Enginseer
  • 48-38 Space Marine Chaplain
  • 48-44 Space Marine Terminator Chaplain
  • 48-45 Space Marine Jump Pack Chaplain
  • 48-53 Space Marine Scout Sergeant Telion
  • 50-38 Orks In Mega Armour
  • 50-42 Ork Boss Snikrot
  • 55-12 Black Templars Chapter Upgrade
  • 85-43 Dark Elf Dreadlord
  • 95-11 Ogre Kingdoms Tyrant
  • L03-35 Saruman And Grima
  • Sooooo, does this mean we can expect remolds or plastic versions of some of these(like the Scorpions)?

  • Nosaj Verush

    Telion! Wow, he is a great model that has not been around that long. Weird.

  • Henshini

    Does OOP simply mean direct order only? I would expect those eldar figs mean the blisters are going DO, while the boxes are still in stores.

  • Bebop

    Those warp spider sculpts have been around since the dawn of time! I’m amazed they’re just now being retired!

    • Oi, I remember when those first came out 😉 I was so very excited for new aspect warriors.

      • Bebop

        Lol I also remember when they first came out 😉 I was just never that into the sculpts. I just think its funny that almost every other aspect warrior has been redone 3 or 4 times already and those are still the original models! Same with the wraith guard. Though I have always liked those models it just surprises me they were never redone in plastic. cheers.

  • Apologies for the cross-link, but there’s a rumour on Warseer that GW is considering phasing out metal in favour of resin:

    It’s interesting that the list is made up of what I assume are pretty popular items (Striking Scorpions and the special characters in particular), and that with the exception of the Black Templars upgrade, all expensive metals.

    • I don’t think you can classify a resin product as a toy (in the UK), which makes me skeptical of the rumour.

      • Yes, I think being skeptical is sensible – it’s really just a thought I had on hearing the two rumours.

        Don’t Privateer Press’ things come in a sort of plastic resin these days?

        (P.S. The rumour source was Frothers, not Warseer – sorry!)

        • Yes, PP do use some odd blend of plastic. It seems very similar to what Alkemy used, and they had single figures (not that it ended well for them).

          If there was a switch to some sort of resin/plastic, I think that would be candidate 1.

    • Making single models in metal still makes sense, but anything you’ll actually be fielding multiples of should be plastic at the scale that game is played.

  • Osbad

    There does seem to be a reliable rumour circulating from retailers that have recently spoken to GW trade sales, that metals will not be reorderable for 3 months.

    • Borzag

      Yeah I saw that one too…. the “OMG they switch to resin” bit I have NO idea where that came from. My guess? The next few months are going to be a focus on the unit kits instead of characters, and any characters that DO come out will be multipart plastics like the Cadians & Orcs.

      Meh for me either way, but I won’t buy the resin rumour until we’ve seen something more concrete than “some guy in a forum told me”.

  • ImaginaryWars

    I just talked to the guys at my Games Workshop about this link, and they say the list of discontinued stuff is WAAAAY bigger than the list of codes on this post–lends some more credibility to the rumours on Warseer.

  • GS_topcow

    wow, so long warp spiders, you’ve been great, but now you suck, lets hope you are compatible with wichever plastic replaces you…

    now the new scorpions are very nice, plastic would make them better, but only one option missing from the exarch, dont see the point if the boxset is going to cost the same…

    what about new wraithguard? they won me a game tonight!