Upcoming Star Fleet releases

Amarillo Design Bureau have sent along details of their net set of Star Fleet Battles releases.

From their announcement:

Prime Directive Federation (PD20 Modern edition)
Those annoying do-gooders of the galaxy are here! Planetary surveys, starships, colonial development, new species templates, and more.

You have heard us announce the long-awaited “FEDERATION” books for our RPGs too many times. Players ask us about them every day. We swore we would not “announce” this book again until we had a date we could stick to. Our new RPG line editor (Jean Sexton) has completed Federation, the book is 90% laid out, the remaining text files are in hand, and we’re just waiting for the final pieces of art. This book is worth the wait.

This is the PD20-Modern version. As soon as it’s on the printer, we will replace the PD20M stats with GURPS stats and send the result to Steve Jackson Games. When we have their approval, we will set a date for the GURPS version. While we don’t think that’s going to be long, we won’t set a date until we know.

First Time Available: More Starships
Three new starships will appear in August.

The Tholian TK5 is a conversion of a captured Klingon F5 frigate, and one of the Tholian Holdfast’s key units. SKU 0717, $7.95

The Federation Old Heavy Cruiser (Old CA) was the design used before the better-known Constellation appeared. SKU 0239, $8.95

The Federation Light Tactical Transport is a key logistics unit, needed to resupply attacking fleets to keep the offensive going. SKU 0238, $9.95

Border Box #10 will have 24 starships for War & Peace. SKU 4410, $99.95