Upcoming Star Fleet Battles releases

Amarillo Design Bureau have announced several Star Fleet Battles and Federation Commander releases for June.

From their announcement:

Captain’s Log #41 The Legend Continues $19.95
A next issue of our best-selling product line, Captain’s Log #41 includes new fiction, new ships, new scenarios, new rules, new tactics, and new background data for all of our product lines, plus news, updates, questions with answers, future plans, and past successes.

Key features of this issue include the Frax Submarines and three new scenarios for Federation Commander, the Juggernaut War Fleet and six new scenarios for Star Fleet Battles, new playtest cards for Star Fleet Battle Force, the multi-sector Hurricane scenario for Federation & Empire, new ships for Star Fleet Armada, plus a lot more!

New Fleet Boxes for Starline 2400

  • Federation Fleet Box #4: DNH, CS, DDL,  FFB, SC; SKU #0210 $39.95
  • Klingon Fleet Box #3: D6M, D7V, C7, D5W, D6S; SKU #0302 $39.95
  • Romulan Carrier Group Box: FHB, SPM, SKE, 16 fighters; SKU #0405 $39.95
  • Kzinti Carrier Group Box: CVS, MEC, DWE, 12 fighters; SKU #0501 $39.95