Upcoming releases from FFG

Fantasy Flight Games have announced another set of products that will be shipping in the next two weeks.

  • CT21e – COC LCG: The Antediluvian Dream
  • CT22e – COC LCG: The Terror of the Tides
  • CT42 – COC LCG: Initiations of the Favored
  • FFS34 – FFS39 Fantasy Flight Supply Wood Tokens (Red, Green, White, Black, Blue, Yellow)
  • TH12 – Tannhauser: Hoss
  • TH21 – Tannhauser: Equipment Cards
  • CT25 – COC LCG: Bag of Cthulhu
  • WHC17 – WH LCG: The Chaos Moon
  • ANC03 – Anima: Twilight of the Gods
  • DH13 – Dark Heresy: The Black Sepulchre