Upcoming releases from FFG

Fantasy Flight Games have announced that the following products will ship in the new few weeks.

From their announcement:

We are expecting the following products to begin shipping in the next few weeks. Please send us in your numbers for these products as soon as you can.

  • BL12 BattleLore: Horrific Hordes
  • BW01 Battles of Westeros
  • VA58 Runebound: Mists of Zanaga
  • WHC09 Warhammer: Invasion: Burning of Derricksburg Battle Pack
  • WHF05 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Winds of Magic
  • WW14 Wings of War: WWI: Hit and Run Blister Pack
  • WW15 Wings of War: WWI: Crossfire Blister Pack
  • WW20 Wings of War: WWI: Flight of the Giants
  • WW21 Wings of War: WWII: The Last of the Biplanes Blister Pack
  • WW22 Wings of War: WWII: Revolution in the Sky Blister Pack