Upcoming MERCS announcements

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Mar 19th, 2011

MERCS Miniatures have posted details of some upcoming announcements that the company will be making.

From their website:

So we are back, and not really recovered. Tons of stuff to report. Sorry we didn’t have much presence on the forums over the last week. Driving 26 hours in one shot (even with three people can take it out of you).

So things we’ll be announcing very soon:

  • counters
  • carrying case
  • maps
  • group packaging for retailers
  • overseas production (so European distribution is more affordable)

Oh, and the new figs will go on sale sometime this evening.

  • Pretty stoked about this. I’ve finished painting about half of my MegaCon deal (all four initial factions plus cards and rules), so its very nice of them to release the final figures as a combo pack for those of us that dove into the deep end.

    Ordered. Looking forward to finishing off my CCC and USCR and maybe finally assembling my KemVar and painting my FCC. 🙂

  • capsfan34

    Figures Achilles would be the first to post…LOL

    I only bought the Cold War deal with CCC and USCR but want to start Kemvar soon, so this deal would be awesome for me.

    Not to mention counters and carrying cases.

  • mjungledog

    How did I know I’d find you two conspirators here?

    I bought the deal yesterday to finish off my CCC and eventual purchases of KemVar and USCR!

    I’m also very excited about the counters and carry case!

  • Toqtamish

    alot of exciting news for MERCS this weekend. Looking forwards to the counters and maps.

  • Wow I spent over twelve hours in the vendor hall at Cold Wars this year and somehow I missed these guys?

  • Repeter

    Since I got the rules, CCC and KemVar in a B’town trade, and have really enjoyed the three games I’ve played, I feel obligated to throw the company some of my money. Off to order FCC, USCR and the new deal to finish the line out.

    Great job on this game so far, IMO.

  • capsfan34

    I’m jealous Repeter, I tried so hard to get someone on barter town to hook me up with MERCS stuff. Guess my trade fodder wasn’t good enough (had Malifaux) but I’m gonna try again.

  • Veritas

    I picked up an unwanted(!!) MegaCon deal on Bartertown for some 40K stuff I wasn’t using. One of my best trades. It was before the FCC Housemember was in the deal though so I just picked that up with my Missing Assets deal.