Unseen Lerker issue 5 available now

Unseen Lerker Issue 5 CoverIssue 5 of Unseen Lerker magazine is now available for purchase.

From their announcement:
Issue 5 of the most talkedabout publication since How To Tell If Your Spouse Is An Anarchist, continues things in style with more savvy wit than Steve Martin (though with better hair) and more pretty pictures than Mugatu’s Derelicte campaign.
The magazine has expanded to 56 pages this issue – the biggest ever – and within you will find:

• Event Spolight: The European Team Championships. The UL team was on the scene in Germany, and report back with tales of inappropriate drunkenness and other debauchery, a rundown of the ebb and flow of the Fantasy tournament, and interviews with Jordan “Captain America” Braun and Rasmus Hammer, the team coach from Denmark.
• Creative Splatter: a stepbystep painting guide to Maelstrom’s limited edition Beastman standard bearer figure, produced for the ETC. Resident painter Joe Sturge also talks about tea, moustaches, Russel Crowe, and asparagus.
• The Hobby Corner: James “Domus” Hyde explores the methodology and execution behind theming your Warhammer army.
• The Dark Side: Russ Wakelin of the D6 Generation podcast returns to tell us all about Wyrd Miniatures’ latest game: Malifaux.
• Battle Report, between Asger Sams Granerud (Dark Elves) and Anders Nøhr (Empire), two leading members of the victorious Danish ETC team. Their game includes topsy turvy dice rolls, killing blow, Final Transmutations, and even a little bit of swearing (in Danish, it’s okay).
• Plus, we give away the aforementioned Beastman ETC figure and a full set of the Mystery Express board game.

As always, you can check out a free 10 page sample of the issue (PDF link) here to get a taste of what you’re in for. You can subscribe to the magazine by visiting our website.

For anyone wishing to buy single issues we recommend checking out Maelstrom Games who offer the best postage deals for international customers. If you are already subscribed then rest assured that your copy should arrive in the post in the next few days – the flying monkeys are already on their way! Also, don’t forget that there are still a few days left in our Island of Blood competition too, so get your friends to subscribe for a chance to win a full Island of Blood box set.