Unseen Lerker announce Island of Blood Box Set giveaway

The Unseen Lerker are giving away a copy of the Warhammer Island of Blood Box Set.

From their announcement:

Greetings gamers, just a quick note to tell you about a rather spiffing new competition we’re announcing.
Were you aware that Unseen Lerker is in fact more fun than joining a cult? Those of you who’ve read it will know it’s packed full of quality content including army showcases, battle reports, reviews of stuff you might like and top hobby tips from experts around the world.

If you are aware of these things, but have been putting off taking out a subscription, then we at Unseen Lerker have some fantastic news.

If you take out a subscription between the 1st of August and 30th of September this year, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win one of the following:

1st Prize
A copy of the upcoming Island of Blood boxed set, courtesy of Maelstrom Games

2nd Prize
One year’s subscription to the premium content sections not one, but two fine gaming podcasts. That’s right, Dan and Wayne at Heelanhammer and The Bens at Baddice have given us a one year subscription to the Super Awesome Wargamers Club and Snake Eyes sections of their podcasts to give away.

3rd Prize
A set of 10 of the highly desirable (and ever-so slightly bent) Lerker Dice.

But wait!, cry our loyal readers, what about us? We already took out subscriptions. Have no fear, for we’ve already thought of that. If you introduce a fellow gamer to Unseen Lerker and they take out a subscription within the two month period above, then both of you will be entered into the draw. Just be sure to get your friend to mention your name as well when the subscription is taken out.
Don’t delay, subscribe today, and you too can experience the warm fuzzy feeling of Lerker Love.