Unified Theory update free Bonus Combatants

Unified Theory Games have updated their free Bonus Combatants for their Vortex Basic Battlefield Rules.

From their announcement:

Unified Theory Games has updated the free downloadable Bonus Combatants found on their website. These Bonus Combatants are for use with UTG’s free downloadable Vortex: Basic Battlefield Rules. The update incorporates small cost and rule adjustments that bring the Bonus Combatants in line with the costing system found in the Combatant Construction chapter of the Vortex: Core Rulebook. The update also sets the stage for a new free Halloween-themed Bonus Supplement that will be available for download from UTG’s website in early October.

The Vortex: Core Rulebook, scheduled for print in late 2010, is a fully customizable miniature skirmish game for use with any miniature in any setting.

The free Vortex: Basic Battlefield Rules and the additional content can be found in the Downloads section of www.UnifiedTheoryGames.com.