Unified Theory Games having a sale on Vortex at GenCon

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 1st, 2012

Unified Theory Games will have their Vortex miniatures combat rules at GenCon and they’re having quite a sale on it while there.

From the announcement:

To celebrate Gen Con, Unified Theory Games is offering the Vortex: Core Rulebook for a record half-price.
Have you ever walked the Gen Con hall and found an amazing miniature that didn’t fit into any game? Well, go ahead and get it because it works in Vortex. Vortex is a customizable miniature skirmish game that can be used with any miniature in any setting. The Vortex: Core Rulebook contains rules for building Combatants, over 270 Abilities, Liabilities, Weapon Features and Flaws, dozens of pre-constructed Combatants, an amazing array of Scenarios, and a complete easy-to-play Campaign System that allows your miniatures to gain experience and grow as characters.
Get your copy today for this extremely low price and get gaming.

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  • Our gaming club has just starting playing this game and think it’s fantastic.

    It took me an hour to explain the basic rules to rest of the group and, by the end of this time, everyone had expressed the models they brought so we could start playing.

    Our first game involved the Karmans from AT-43 against British soldiers from Secrets of the Third Riech.

    We collect a lot of different miniature lines. This game gives us the potential to mash genres onto a single battlefield.

    However, I’d like to mention you need to order the book/pdf online. I spoke with Scott recently and he said they didn’t have them for sale at GenCon. I hope that this has changed as my group wants 6 copies and it will save the postage for us!

  • Robert

    I am wondering – does it play anything like VOR: The Maelstrom? The title sort of seemed a play on words/concepts.

    I do miss VOR. It wasn’t the greatest game mechanically, but it still had a lot of charm. (We got one player to join the game entirely on reading that the Growler forcebook had a “Forbidden Snacking” table.)