Underground Lasers 2: Kickstarter

Underground Lasers has their 2nd Kickstarter campaign up and running. Want some new sci-fi terrain? Check these guys out.


From the campaign:

We are looking to purchase a second laser and maybe a 3D printer to expand our options. To that effect we are releasing some new kits, these Items will not be available anywhere else till after EVERY ONE of you gets your pledges.

Underground Lasers is focused on making affordable and easy to build war gaming terrain. many of our pieces are designed to be taken apart so they can be stored flat.

The more people pledge the more packages are unlocked and extra gifts will be added to your orders increasing the value of your pledges.

  • Justacomment

    I don’t get it you are selling new items you can already make to fund buying a second laser? Isn’t that just regular business?

    • 4tonmantis

      The kickstarter is to fund the laser.. the rewards are what they have. I’ve seen artists fund trips to Europe by selling their art via KS. I don’t personally see how this is different from that or even Reapers’ Bones to be honest..

  • surprize

    No personal experience, but plenty of people seem happy with kits from UGL.

    However note the ‘funders will get stuff first’ disclaimer, this is because they were one of the many companies that had a kick starter aparantly to fund new lines, and these new lines appeared on their store quite a while before all the backers received their stuff. I.E taking advantage of KS circumventing distance selling regulations. I seem to remember they weren’t especially slow in delivering by KS standards, but is galling when regular customers get kits before people who ostensibly helped get those kits into production. Escenorama another culprit of this.

    Backers will get their stuff, and it seems like it will be good stuff. But this is one of those out-and-out pre-order Kickstarters IMO.

    • 4tonmantis

      I’m comparing the value against just ordering more Deadzone terrain, and kits from MAS, Warmill, Warsenal, and other places. So far the value on the scatter terrain is pretty decent but the actual buildings are not that great a deal. We’ll see how it works out I guess.

      As for the delivery thing.. I hope that’s the case. I have little patience for companies who don’t value their customers.. especially when the customers take chances to help them. Knowing they’ve done this in the past, I might just pull back and only pick up 1 or 2 pieces of scatter terrain and see how it plays out.

    • Daviddasilva

      Hello Everyone

      I would like to try and explain the last Kickstarter situation, and the reason for the disclaimer

      Underground Lasers 1 was launched right before the international price shipping hike last year, shipping Doubled for some places like Australia and the UK. My profit margin for the first kickstarter was tight so this one almost wrecked us. we had to try and sell some items on Ebay to offset the cost. As soon as I raised the extra funds needed we shut down the Ebay store.

      Before we went ahead with that plan I made it clear to the backers of what the situation was and offered a full refund to any one that did not like the plan, about 4 people backet out with a full refund

      We managed to deliver almost every one on time, we had some malfunctions in the end that wrecked our final schedule and had 4 volunteers offer to wait till after the dead line, they got their product less than 3 weeks after our delivery date of October.

      On Kickstarter 2, yes UL is a company now, I learned a lot form the last one. but I am still 1 guy working out of my garage with some help from my wife and a few friends. the disclaimer that Every one will get their items first before the new items go into retail means that this time if get into trouble I can just run a sale of our older stuff and we’ll be fine.

      I could have gone to a bank for a loan for the second laser but to be honest I rather sell you guys brand new product instead of paying a bank interest.

      Sorry about the wall of text and hope this clears some doubts.

      Thanks for your time.

      Francisco Branco