Uncharted Seas Second Edition rules available

Second Edition CoverSpartan Games have released a second edition of their Uncharted Seas rules and have a special offer to celebrate the release.

From their announcement:
We are excited to announce that the Uncharted Seas Second Edition fantasy naval combat rulebook is now shipping. The arrival of this edition brings a reworking of the core rulebook to align it with ALL of our current models and rules for the game. After an exciting period of development our fantasy naval combat game has grown to almost 80 models and now includes flying models, underwater models, monsters and creatures. The new Second Edition rulebook fully supports these.  PDF downloads of Stats and Rules are still available from our web site, but we know that many of you value the convenience of printed rules.  The Uncharted Seas Second Edition Rulebook is the first time that all the rules are printed together.
Inside the book you will find:
• 24 more pages than the First Edition
• Integrated Rules for Flying and Diving
• Fleet Composition Section
• Updated Model Statistics for ALL 8 fleets including all upgrade models released up to October of 2010
• An increased race background section
• New photography and illustrations
• Revised text to include known errata and clarifications
• A new section detailing Model Attached Rules
• A Creature & Monster section

And for all of you who want to know what an Iron Dwarf, Shroud Mage, Orc Raider or Ralgard Warrior looks like – there are pictures in the Second Edition for you.
Special Offer – Half Price Uncharted Seas Rulebook
We know that you will be keen to get your copy of the new Second Edition Rulebook as soon as possible, so we’ve put together a special offer to tempt you.

Spend £60 in our online shop by 30th September and the Uncharted Seas Second Edition is half price.  Simply place your order for at least £60 of any products (not including P & P) and add Coupon USRBHP on the Checkout Confirmation page.