Uncharted Seas Rules Workbench updated

Spartan Games have updated their Uncharted Seas Rules Workbench page with new rules.

From their website:

Rules and point values have been added for the following ships:

  • Elf Heavy Cruiser
  • Shroud Mage Heavy Cruiser
  • Bone Griffon Heavy Cruiser
  • Bone Griffon Flagship

For those of you waiting for the Dwarf Airship, this has been moved out to our second Uncharted Seas release and will arrive with the Dragon Lords Elder Dragon, Crocidon Sea Monster and Water Behemoth models.

The updated trebuchet rules are also online, as well the revised version of the Raven Destroyer. The rule to allow War Dragons to operate in squads of 1-2 has been made official, as have the rules for firing on friendly ships.

We are planning to update the Fleet Composition document and other PDFs soon, and there will be minor updates coming in the near future to a few more models.