Uncharted Seas previews

Spartan Games have posted images of two upcoming Uncharted Seas vessels and the concept art for the Bone Griffon Withered Griffon.

Shroud Mage Illuminator Class Frigate
Shroud Mage Illuminator Class Frigate

From their website:

Ralgard Raknarl Heavy Cruiser
The Raknarl Class Heavy Cruiser is a well rounded design that can fight at range, carry out Boarding Assaults, and weather enemy assaults with equal ease. Armed with a vicious ram, it is capable of gutting and plundering most enemy ships it comes across.
Special Mar Rule: Armoured Forecastle

Shroud Mage Illuminator Class Frigate
This interesting Frigate upgrade looks very similar to the current Small Frigate, but its turret has been upgraded to house a complex array of prisms through which Magi can project a magical light that literally lights up an enemy model, allowing other ships to more accurately target it.

Bone Griffon Withered Griffon
This concept art shows a young Withered Griffon with its Warrior Rider. Adult versions differ in size, but most adult beasts are similar in size to a Thaniras Elf War Dragon. Please note that the final model may differ to the artwork shown here. The models we will sell for Uncharted Seas will be large Adult Griffons.