Uncharted Seas Above & Below models released

Spartan Games have added the Uncharted Seas Above & Below figures to their online store.

Ripper Class Submarine

From their announcement:

We’re pleased to announce that our Uncharted Seas Above & Below models are now available to buy from our Online Store. Within this release are the following models:

Bellows Airship
The Iron Dwarf engineers truly excelled themselves when they created this magnificent machine of war. Developed initially to allow troops to explore inland on the landmasses of the Uncharted Seas, the mighty Bellows Airship is now proving itself as an airborne danger to any enemy vessel.

Ripper Class Submarine
This large submarine was designed by the Shroud Mage Artisans with one purpose: intimidation. Its massive cutting blades are designed to rip the bottoms out of enemy ships, sinking them in the blink of an eye. And if that’s not enough, short range clockwork torpedoes have been added to this model to cause even more damage.

The stature of the Giants in the Forbidden Isles is only matched by one other thing: their foul tempers. Most of the time they prefer their own company, but it is not unknown for these massive brutes to hire out their services to fleet captains or the masters of harbours.

The Crocidon is one of the most frightening denizens of the Broad Blue, with many sea captains telling tall tales of surviving an attack by one of them during a wild storm. Some fleets have started to use the rather reckless tactic of luring a Crocidon into a battle. The appearance of a Crocidon is uncertain, but when it does appear it wreaks havoc among any ships that get in its way.

Elder Dragon
The Elder Dragon is the greatest and most cunning species of beast that the Dragon Lords can summon to war. There are some dragons that are larger and tougher, but the Elder Dragons are considered to be the embodiment of the long lost Ancestor Dragons, and treated with utmost respect. They are also one of the very few intelligent species of dragon, able to form their own battle strategies and act as emissaries for the Great Lords of the four Houses.

There are many creatures living below the waves of the Broad Blue that even the mighty Dragon Lords know little about. Among them are the water elementals that are known as Behemoths. There are some among the Helganth who know how to tame them, and it is these Helganth shaman who have found employment in various fleets.