Uncharted Seas 2010 release schedule

Spartan Games have posted details of their Uncharted Seas releases for 2010.

From their announcement:

We know that you have been waiting sometime for this announcement, so I won’t talk too much before giving you the details. 2010 is going to be an exciting year for Uncharted Seas and one we very much hope you will enjoy as much as we will. What you see below is a breakdown of the upcoming projects for this game.

Some of them are quick releases that allow us to balance out our fleets, and these will be the first out of the door at the start of the year. Others have less defined dates, and we will be working with our sales channel to hammer out the best times to release these new additions during the year.

Over the next day or two we’ll add images of many of these models.

Two New Flagships (Early Feb)

  • Shroud Mages Flagship
  • Bone Griffons Flagship

Three New Heavy Cruisers (Early Feb)

  • Thaniras Elf Heavy Cruiser
  • Bone Griffons Heavy Cruiser
  • Shroud Mages Heavy Cruiser

Iron Dwarves (Early Feb)

  • Bellows Class Dirigible Mk II

Bone Griffons (Late Feb)

  • Pestilence Cruiser

Shroud Mages (Late Feb)

  • Nautilus Class Submarine

Monsters & Beasties (Late Feb)

  • Dragon Lord Elder Dragon
  • Water Behemoth
  • Gimpasaurus
  • The Giant

Destroyer Class (Mid March 2010)

  • Iron Dwarf Destroyer
  • Shroud Mages Destroyer
  • Bone Griffons Destroyer
  • Dragon Lord Destroyer
  • Orc Raiders Destroyer
  • Thaniras Elf Destroyer
  • Imperial Human Destroyer

Faction Books
We will be creating a Race Guide for all of our Uncharted Seas fleets. The exact format of these books is yet to be locked down, but you can expect to see more detailed backgrounds, information on our upcoming 28mm range of miniatures, naval tactics, model statistics, painting guides and much more.

The Uncharted Seas Supplement
This book will bring many new rules out for the Uncharted Seas. As it stands it is a 96 page full colour book that sits as an addition to the current core rule book – not a replacement.

New Races
Pirates of the Skies (Q2 2010)
The Kreel (Q2 2010)

Dreadnought Class (Late Q2)

  • Iron Dwarf Dreadnought
  • Shroud Mages Dreadnought
  • Bone Griffons Dreadnought
  • Dragon Lord Dreadnought
  • Orc Raiders Dreadnought
  • Thaniras Elf Dreadnought
  • Imperial Human Dreadnought

The Ancients (Second Half of 2010)
The arrival of the Ancients marks an exciting and bloody period in the history of the Uncharted Seas. Watch out for more exciting information on our web site. With this fleet comes an exciting campaign guide and new ships for your existing fleets.