Ulisses Spiele Running Torg Eternity Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 2nd, 2017

There’s been many RPGs that’ve come and gone over the decades. Not every game can last forever. But that doesn’t mean they’re dead and gone forever. There’s always a chance for a rebirth of a classic. And that’s just what we’ve got here. Ulisses Spiele is running a Kickstarter for a new version of Torg Eternity.

From the campaign:

Torg Eternity is a table-top roleplaying game based on the original 1990 version of Torg created by West End Games. It has been re-imagined and updated for the Near Now.

The “High Lords” came from other cosms—other realities—conquerors joined together to steal the Earth’s living energy…to consume its very Possibilities!

Each Reality Raider brought his or her own reality, or “cosm”…

The Kickstarter is doing well, being more than 20x funded already with still 28 days left to go.


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  • DB

    WEG did a rulebook reprint in 2005, but nothing else (presumably because it WEG was essentially defunct at that point). It was rather disappointing, considering how the earliest version of the game was so well supported in the day.

    Mind you, the quality of the product was mixed due to the ridiculous amounts of material printed.

    I’d rather have Paranoia, but Torg is kinda nice too.

    • Ah yes, Paranoia, where you don’t walk on the grass because you don’t have “Green Clearance.”