Uber Goober release Universal Space Combat System at Origins

Universal Space Combat SystemUber Goober Games will be releasing their new Universal Space Combat System at Origins 2010.

From their announcement:
Uber Goober Games is proud to be releasing the Universal Space Combat System at Origins 2010. (Last booth in the far back left)

We did something special with Undead States of America; we went beyond your basic escape-from-the-city zombie miniatures game and made it a full scale zombie war on a North American strategic scale in the vein of books like World War Z. Now with the
Universal Space Combat System we think we’ve created something equally unique in a simple, fast-paced science fiction miniatures combat system that can be used with genres heavily based on science or heavily based on fiction, and throughout a wide variety of technology levels. It can stand alone as its own skirmish or massive fleet game, or be integrated into just about any existing science fiction Role-Playing-Game.

The best part is, ship creation takes seconds, and damage to ships is done by adding or removing dice to ship systems — no pencil and paper bookkeeping. It can be a brutally fast combat system for a quick miniatures game, or slowed down with many levels for RPG options.