Two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV now available

Two new episodes of the ReaperMinisTV vidcast are now available for viewing.

From their announcement:

Hello everyone,

The first two episodes of ReaperMinisTV for December are now available for viewing.

In episode 047 we start off with a Christmas giveaway and then get into reviews of new Chronoscope minis (Santa Claus, Chan Li Martial Arts Master, Terrel Zombie Survivor, Alien Overlord Boss) and Dark Heaven Legends (Dust Scorpions, Scourge Devil, Thanksgiving Mouslings, and Mousling Mage, Archer and Warrior).

In episode 048 we get going with a Razig Army Update and then get into reviews from Dark Heaven Legends (Mi-Sher Dervish Warrior, Tyree Spellsinger), Chronoscope (Boy Campers, Cleo Greene, Dirk Goodspeed), and Pathfinder (Eagle Knight of Andoren and Pactmaster of Katapesh) lines.

Thanks to everyone who watches ReaperMinisTV.
Mark, RMTV