Two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV now available

ReaperMinisTV have posted two new episodes of their Reaper focused vidcast.

From their announcement:

Hello everyone,

The first two episodes of ReaperMinisTV for November are available for viewing.

In episode 43 we get into a bunch of reviews from the P65 (Cyclops), Pathfinder (Skinsaw Man and Red Mantis Assassin), Dark Heaven Legends (Trick or Treat Mouslings, Men at Arms, and DHL Classics: Mummies) lines of figures.

And then in episode 044 we start off with a giveaway (one lucky viewer will get a sealed blister pack of the limited edition Zombie Mouslings) and then we reviews from the Dark Heaven Legends (Mousling Pirate, Savage Duelist, DHL Classics: Dark Elves, Good and Evil Female Knights, and Dorly Luckrock) and Chronoscope (British Colonial Riflemen II, Lady Tiger, and The Harpy) lines of figures.

Thanks for watching and be on the lookout in December because we’ll have a Christmas giveaway for another lucky subscriber.
Mark, ReaperMinisTV