Two Hour Wargames release two NUTS! expansions

Two Hour Wargames have released two expansions for their NUTS! WWII combat rules.

From their website:

Welcome to the world of NUTS! – War Against Japan. NUTS – War Against Japan includes American, Australian, British, Chinese, and Japanese armies, all the major players in the Pacific from 1941 to 1945.

WAJ portrays actions at the “tip of the spear”, the area of combat where small arms dominate the field. This is that deadly space where you can look your enemy in the eye while driving a knife into his heart; where the foxhole next to you may just as easily have the enemy in it as one of your buddies.

The Big Hurt is a supplement for NUTS! – 2nd Edition. Although intended to be played from the American side, The Big Hurt play’s just as well from the German side. The Big Hurt can be played solo, cooperatively with all players on the same side or head-to-head.
Packed with 21 linked scenarios, this book covers a variety of small-unit and medium sized actions through the four months of the Hu?rtgen meat grinder.

Track down German infiltrators. Raid an enemy outpost. Capture a dam. It’s all up to you.