Two days left for Bombshell Miniatures over on Kickstarter

Bombshell Miniatures has only 2 days left on Kickstarter. They’ve made it pretty far, but can you get them to even higher stretch goals? I think you can.

From the campaign:

We have restacked the graphics on the main project page and added some new backer levels. Hopefully the new Rewards Levels image will make pledging a little easier to understand.

  • Darsc Zacal

    They’be just broken through the $100,000 level. Things are moving pretty quickly now.

  • John Maddening

    I know they’re doing well, but the price is still an issue with me, especially because the mini that drew me in was the “Maelee” mechanic. $30 to get a single mini is a bit excessive, and I know I can get 4 (including that one) for $55, but man, that’s a lot of cash per mini.

    I’ll probably decide at about 4:55 Friday.