Twisted previews M’Dusa WIP

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 31st, 2014

Twisted is showing us now modeling is going for their M’Dusa mini they’re working on.


From the post:

In this next stage of the process, I’ve added the main shapes of the clothing and started on the detail work. I think this stage shows why it is important to start with the correct anatomy as a foundation, especially for a miniature like this one where lots of flesh will be shown. It’s a lot easier to get the anatomy looking right in the first stage, before worrying about adding clothing or detail work over the top. Once you start adding clothing and details, it gets very difficult to go back and correct any of the underlying anatomy!

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  • Um… that’s a mini that I’ve seen before- and it has been finished for a good long while.

    Sebastian Archer entered it into the Crystal Brush (for sculpting) and then Marike Reimer painted one up and entered it into the Gencon Masters competition (it was lovely).

    I guess there’s nothing wrong with showing the process afterwards, but why not show the finished one too?

  • angora

    Hi odingrandson,
    We did post the finished piece back in June 🙂
    We figured you guys might like a more detailed WIP series.
    M’Dusa has had some awesome paintjobs done on her and we do appreciate every single one of them.

    • Ok- I missed your other pic, so this is appreciated.

      Absolutely fantastic sculpt, by the way.

      • angora

        She is great. You wait until you see some of the others – my favourite one is coming soon!