Twilight Continuum Space Opera for Savage Worlds up on Kickstarter

Mystical Throne Entertainment launched their Kickstarter campaign for their Twilight Continuum Space Opera game book for the Savage Worlds system.

From the campaign:

Mystical Throne Entertainment has launched the Kickstarter campaign for the first Savage Worlds Perilous Journey campaign series. The first series features a space opera campaign following the characters from Novice through Legendary called Twilight Continuum.

  • Soulfinger

    I like the guy pointing at the woman on the cover, like he is saying, “You there. Stop dressing so silly, and put down that toy lightsaber. I have a wet suit convention to get to.”

  • tuco

    Hey, pull my finger.

  • Soulfinger

    Go back to your dystopian room, young lady.