TTCombat launches Snappy Stencil Kickstarter campaign

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Dec 6th, 2013

TTCombat has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Snappy Stencil line of painting products.


From the campaign:

Ever wanted to add that extra bit of flair to your tanks, planes and scenery? Now you can over and over, never have a drab model again!

Snappy Stencils is a new product we have designed to help people when painting their miniatures. The idea came about when Jay was painting a tank for the “get it painted” DVD series and he needed a stencil to do some digital camo. He had to resort to using a piece of card which he then cut some very basic shapes and the result ended up being pretty good. So we decided we would improve on the design and create some more but in a more durable form, thus Snappy Stencils was born!

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  • surprize

    This doesn’t look fit for purpose to me. I do a fair bit of airbrushing and there are three issues with these stencils, the first is that they are rigid, so you can only really paint onto flat surfaces like buildings, curved surfaces the stencil won’t fit flush over the surface so will just bleed and you won’t get crisp edges (can see this is all of their painted examples). The second issue is that 3mm material is too deep to be practically useful – it creates a shadow-zone unless spraying from exactly 90degrees to stencil. Thirdly as these stencils don’t affix to the model you have to do everything in one shot, you don’t have three hands (!?) so its one hand for the stencil, one for the airbrush and the model has to lay on your desk (or in a clamp), you’d have to try and hold it perfectly steady and get the whole pattern in one pass from one angle.

    It’s a nice idea (cheap stencils specifically for wargames) and its nearly x3 funded so its doing well, just seems the wrong material to me. Be better in something like laser-cut card that’s thinner and flexible (and you could tape it to the model).

  • Maybe it’s not necessarily meant to be that?

    I don’t airbrush hardy at all, but I can see your concern as well. It just seems…impractical for this application.

  • mathieu

    The only “new” thing about this product is that it is made of a thick, rigid material and therefore unadapted to miniature painting (as mentioned by Surprize). There already exists flexible, thin, reusable stencils out there. The min range from proposes dozens of different designs, for example. Which also happen to be cheaper than the ones in this project.