TsunamiCon coming this November

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jun 29th, 2014

TsunamiCon is coming this November to Wichita, Kansas. Will you be there?



From the announcement:

A brand new grass roots gaming convention has appeared on the scene in America’s heartland, organized by a local tabletop gaming organization and associated volunteers.

TsunamiCon 2014 is happening November 7th, 8th, and 9th at the beautiful and historic Hotel At Old Town in Wichita, Kansas. The convention represents the first event of its kind in the Wichita area, providing an organized play experience for tabletop roleplayers and board game and card enthusiasts, miniature wargamers, LARPers, cosplayers, and more.

The event is being organized by local entrepreneurs TsunamiCon, LLC, a privately-owned company based out of Wichita with a history of running small-scale events within the area. The project is currently being funded via Kickstarter.

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  • Sisyphus

    Seriously… Tsunami… and Kansas?

    How about IngrainedGameCon or something?

  • Verminous Fang

    Maybe they want to “flood” the area with gamers?

    I’m with you, though. They should embace Kansas and give it a local name. It should be easy, given they’re in Witchita.


  • tuco

    CornCon? Corn on the Con? WheatCon? I can’t remember if Kansas is corn or wheat country.

    • Wheat. Wichita State University’s mascot is WuShock, a giant shock of wheat.

      Meanwhile, I went to Kansas State University where the mascot is the Wildcat.
      Go State!

  • Verminous Fang

    Children of the Con?


  • Soulfinger

    They certainly could do better with such a rich history to draw on. Two minutes of reading, and I find that it is also called “Cowtown” and the “Air Capital of the World,” Billy the Kid was born there, Wyatt Earp worked there as a lawman, numerous corporations were founded there, has the 2nd largest IMAX in the world, and considered one of the better large cities to live in. However, they are best known for the tsunami of 1976, which came unexpectedly from Lake Superior, down Highway 35 and asked for directions along the way at Des Moines.

    I like CowtownCon or SedgwickCon, as it is the county seat.

    • I have a lot of fond memories of living in Kansas. It was only a couple years, but they were really great years. I need to go back and visit again. It’s been several years.

  • Yeah- I’m in Kansas and it seems weird. When I did Gorilla Con, I simply named it after the local university…

  • …and registration is exclusively through Kickstarter? How odd. You can’t register any other way?

    • Soulfinger

      That’s what makes it a “premiere” convention. Looks like they named it after their “Prismatic Tsunami” online gaming community webpage Internet thingy.

      • I’ve got connections in the Wichita area. I’m going to have to contact them and ask about this Tsunami of a convention.

        • Were are you at in Kansas, anyway, Varagon?
          I lived in a small town called Leonardville which was 17mi from Manhattan.

          Town’s so small that there aren’t any stoplights. They also didn’t deliver the mail. Everyone got a free PO box.

          … my god I miss it.

          goes to see if K-Rock streams online

          • lol

            I think we’ve talked a couple of years ago? I’m in SE Kansas (90 miles south of Overland Park (Kansas City)).