Troublemaker Games War Stalkers now available

Troublemaker Games has their new War Stalkers models available over in their webshop.



From the release:

Cybershadows War Stalkers are 30mm tall to the cockpit window (they’d be a little taller if they stood up straight).
These infantry are metal models, and will be supplied with plastic bases.

Each set comes with the following components:
– 5x War Stalker Bodies & heads
– 4x Powered Claw Arms & 1x Electro-Sword Arm
– 5x Twin Snub Cannon Weapon Arms
– 1x Rotary Cannon, 1x Flame Thrower, 1x Rocket Launcher
– 5x 40mm diameter plastic bases

  • Dr.Falkenhayn

    22£ seem a bit steep for 5 Models methinks…

  • Riquende

    Potentially. On the other hand, these are roughly scaled to match Warhound Titans, and given ebay prices for those I was happy to pay £23, even to just use 4.