• The Grey Knight

    Have they said anything about these being made by another company years ago? I think they were from metal magic about late 80s/early 90s?

  • They’ve just bought the molds off of MegaMiniatures.

    I don’t know what they’re gonna charge them for, but I’m sure glad that I just bought me a chaos warband at $1.5 a piece in metal from Mega

  • my bad… paid $2 for them. But seemingly trollforged is charging the same! 😀

  • lord marcus

    All of TFM’s stuff is hand sculpted and checked to see if they are duplicates from another line. These may look simmilar, but that is just design astethic.

    • No they have bought the molds… which are the same as the old Metal Magic/ Hobby Product:

      Here’s the message from Mega Miniatures (http://megaminis.com/)

      We will be discontinuing roughly 200
      items from our inventory and the mold
      production rights, will be for sale. As many of you
      know, I am slowly working my way out
      of the miniatures industry and over
      time, most of the products I cast and
      sell will find new homes with other
      companies. This process will take
      many years.

      Recently sold molds have found new homes with the following

      companies, watch their websites for
      these pending releases.

      Knights 1011c, 1011F, 1010A,
      DEAL-0075, 0087, and 0089

  • lord marcus

    oh. hmm.. didn’t see that. sorry.