Troll Forged Miniatures releases plastic Armored Goblins

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jun 19th, 2012

Troll Forged Miniatures had that update about their entirely new casting technique the other day. Here’s the fruits of that labor. Behold their armored goblins.

From the release:

Troll Forged Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of its first Fantasy Box Set of Trollcast miniatures: Andrew May’s Goblins.

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  • Reminds me of the goblins from Labyrinth.

  • chrixter

    The most interesting thing about this release is that it is spin casted plastics. AFAIK this is one of the first castings in which the old-school spin cast tech has been used in order to cast plastic figures rather than metal. From the gamers perspective this can be the emergence of plastic figures requiring the same “set-up” cost but with a way lower material cost. Quite interesting!

    • The set up costs are actually much more than the comparable costs in metal. I know Ed is really busy at the moment and probably won’t get around here…but it’s not a simple thing and there are a lot of moving parts to the process. Suffice to say it is less expensive than injection mold tooling!

  • Gallahad

    I am going to have to get me some of those little buggers. Love the character in the faces.

  • If one wanted to do some conversion on these, what glue (besides cyanoacrylate) should be used? ABS?

    • Sean_OBrien

      Apparently only CA. If another glue works…then that would reveal the secret formula, so if they know…they aren’t talking.

  • odinsgrandson

    Ok- it is impressive that they can use this process with sculpts that they already have- and those goblins do look like they don’t have all of the qualities of one piece plastic minis (a little more like one piece metal minis).

    And the price is very good too. I guess this new process is quite the success.

    As far as I know, these are the first of their kind to hit the market. Altogether, I can’t imagine that Trollforge is the only company looking into this process, and I wonder if we’ll see some dramatic improvements in plastics from other companies soon.