Treant coming soon from Otherworld Miniatures

TreantOtherworld Miniatures have announced that they will soon be shipping a Treant miniature.

From their announcement:
John Pickford has just sent me the finished green for our newest addition to the rapidly-growing Wilderness Encounters range. It’s WE13 – Treant, a truly awesome model of a treeman.

It is a multi-part miniature, with the body/legs/head cast as a single piece, but with separate arms (with articulated joints to allow for very flexible posing), and 6 separate branch pieces which can be bent into shape as required.

He stands at 64mm tall to the eyes, 72mm to the top of the head, and an imposing 105mm high to the upper branches. The Pig-faced Orc shown for scale is 30mm tall.

This model will be released on 24th November 2010, and is available to pre-order now in the Coming Soon section of the Otherworld Miniatures Webstore. Price – £18.00.

Other new releases for this month will include Huge Spiders, Lesser Boglings (frogmen), Demi-human Zombies (Dwarf, Elf, Halfling) and Mummies.