Tracker down some Easter Eggs

Tracker has hidden some Easter Eggs around their Kickstarter campaign. Find them all and you could win.
They’ve got 4 days left in their campaign and are closing in on their funding goal.


From the announcement:

Easter is arriving so we’ve hidden 8 Easter eggs around our game map. Each is worth 1 winning point, and as per the game rules, the first one to find all 8 wins our little competition. The reward? Instead of one, you receive 2 rewards from the pledge level you selected, so you can gift it to your best friend.

Send us a picture with all 8 eggs clearly marked. The competition is until Monday 18:00 CET.

Here’s the link to the map.

We’ve made it over 80% funding, just a little bit to go, but not the time to relax! Share with your friends and colleagues and we can all be playing Tracker really soon!

Best luck egg-a-huntin’!