Toy Vault Announces New Game

Toy Vault announces in an exciting team-up certain to rock the cosmos, Toy Vault, Inc. and legendary game designer Richard Borg (Memoir’44, Battle Cry) have joined forces to take you on a new action-packed adventure through the cold depths of space in ABADDON:

From their announcement:

It’s the distant future and mankind has taken a galactic leap forward through space, time, and technology. Life as we know it struggles to endure on the ABADDON. Once the home of a mysterious, non-human civilization, the planet is now a desolate wasteland bearing one immensely precious resource: Feronium power crystals. The unimaginable energy contained within the crystals is coveted by two groups of humans: the Satellite City-States and the Commonwealth Alliance. Using giant bio-mech suits called Links, made from modified military vehicles and alien technology; the warring factions fight a weary battle for territorial control of the ABADDON.

At your disposal is a huge, 28” x 19” battlefield game board with 32 highly-detailed mech figurines, 18 free-standing landscape terrain features, over 100 game-changing Wild Fire and Weapon System cards, dozens of tokens, battle dice and a Battle Manual containing over 15 mission scenarios.

Choose your allegiance and lead your army in non-stop excitement as you forge through unforgiving terrain, fight to overcome random and bizarre technological glitches, and battle your enemies in never-ending war. The fate of the future is in your hands as you race to survive and conquer the ABADDON!

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  • Sounds interesting, and I’ll keep on the look-out for it, but I appreciate a bit more substance to the news release that doesn’t require TwitFace.

  • I was sort of expecting to hear that this would be a Command & Colors style game since there hasn’t yet been a science-fiction version of that system. Could be be?

    • Grim6

      I hope so. I think it could be exciting.

  • grimbergen

    The BGG page has some more info. It lists it as part of the C&C family, but it might just be a guesstimate from the fans who set up the page.

    Reading the description there, it sounds slightly different, and mentions cards only for modify attacks and mech weapon systems but nothing about the battlefield section activations. It could just be that the info is not fully complete.

  • wildger

    I wonder how big the miniatures are. Are they going to be pre-painted?