Total Wargamer goes over the new 40k 6th edition rulebook

Total Wargamer got themselves a copy of the new 6th edition rulebook and goes over some of the book’s contents as well as any major changes to the rules. Let’s put some of the rumors about the game to rest, already.

From the website:

Total Wargamer has spent the day with the new rulebook and has put a review together.

  • Endre Fodstad

    Well, that is certainly a review from someone that spends all their time on the “inside” of the system and doesn’t look to much beyond it 🙂

  • Sisyphus

    Tentacles… Tentacles… Lard and Tentacles… where art thou Lardies and Tentacles….

    Anyways… thanks for the review. I’ll save my money for more minis or other rulesets.

  • Marauder

    Well I’m sure there will be lots of reviews of the game. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have one from someone who is familiar so they can at least tell you what all the fuss is about! Sounds like there have been a number of improvements.

    -Snap fire/overwatch – for any game that doesn’t use alternating activations this is really a must. The reviewer doesn’t mention how its executed though. Can the unit just do it whenever and it “counts” as their shooting for the turn?
    -Hull points on vehicles – OMG never thought I’d see the day GW did this. After getting into Void like 8 years ago and seeing how cool it could be for your vehicles to not just explode on a totally random basis I became a hater of the GW vehicle system. Glad to see they have come around.
    -AP on close combat weapons! Yay.
    -Random charge distance – oh my – why?
    -Premeasuring – I think it makes for a better game, carpenters and those with a keen eye for distance don’t really need an advantage anyways 😉

    Anyway, cool to see its at least a step in the right direction. But I will definitely stick with one of the many cool systems that lets you design stats for your own army (e.g. Gruntz or the upcoming ViDe Sci-fi).


  • totalwargamer

    Just to address the first couple of comments – The review was an overview of the book, written for the 40k player rather than in a broader wargaming context. If you wish to provide something from that angle feel free to post in the review comments.

    Marauder – Snap fire is used in several ways in the game – The main time it will be used is when a unit is charged, or when firing some weapons from a vehicle. Still no snap fire at units that step out of cover, walk right in front of an enemy unit and then back in to cover again – a missed opportunity maybe…

  • I like this review a lot, not only since it is the first short description of the relevant changes bit also since many of the comments are also fitting to my game approach.
    I am also quite happy that 40K seems to take a step into the right direction.
    Premeasuring, Hull points – like Victory Decision, good!
    I still do not understand why GW is so shy with proper game infos (web support what have changed etc), but the review above convinced me to get the book, just to see how the new mechanics works!
    Thanks Total Wargames.

  • Happy to help Agis – I hope you enjoy the new edition!

  • Killraven

    Overall the changes sound pretty good and I’m looking forward to playing. Unfortunately for me, that won’t happen until the boxed set ships and the mini-books start showing up on eBay. I miss the days when I bought the rules and every army book/codex, not just the ones for the armies that I played myself.

    The review, while excellent and seemingly thorough, still had a bit too much angle of fanboy, rather than gamer.

  • Fair enough Killraven – I try not to comment too heavily on the rules in these reviews – as they are often down to personal taste so I kept it to neutral reporting in that section. With regard to book quality etc I felt more able to pass judgement.

    That said I am a bit of a Fanboy I have to admit ;)…

    • Killraven

      Awwww, I’m just still feeling a bit grumpy over the price issue, along the concept of how utterly ridiculous it is to have a “rulebook” that thick and heavy.

      The Fanboy part of me likes everything that’s in the book. The Gamer part of me really wishes they had made a 2-3 book set, like Flames of War 3rd Ed., so that I could have everything at home, but only need to carry 1/3 of the weight around the gaming table.

      • Veritas

        Just wait for the new starter in September and that will have the mini rule book included if the last edition is any clue

        • Killraven

          Yep, that’s my plan. Out of the ten people in my gaming group, so far only one has given any inclination to get the big book. I really would like a normal-sized book though, I’ve gotten old enough that the larger font is appreciated.