• blkdymnd

    Great take on a contemporary, merc set of minotaurs

  • cama

    Just awesome. cama approves!

  • Grim6

    The more I see of this, the more interested I am. From the website, it looks like this is a boardgame with heroic-28mm minis? The minis look great, now I’m curious to see the rules. I wonder if they’ll be posted during the KS campaign?

  • cama

    Please, not a board game! A battle game! Something to crush all the pretenders out there!

  • 4tonmantis

    This kind of reminds me of the comic Tellos that Image put out a decade or so ago.

  • Hey guys! Bit late to the party on this one … last minute KS updates and such. We’re really dialing it in over here and it’s beginning to look really, really nice.

    These are 32mm miniatures. A little smaller than DUST, about the size of a reaper mini or modern fantasy-style. 28mm is what people tend to call the scale, but in reality things have gotten a little bigger nowadays. They will fit in perfectly with your tabletop game.

    Grim6: The rules WILL be available during the KS. They are polished playtest rules. By that I mean that I will want your feedback and suggestions and I fully anticipate that we will tweak and revise in April. We’ll layout 11×11 style in May.

  • cama – lol – exactly! A battle game. a game of crushing your puny opponent into the dirt!

  • 4tonmantis (a) cool name … love it, (b) wish I’d seen it now myself!

  • grimbergen

    i’m confused…is this another KS separate from the one that’s currently going on?

    • Hey grimbergen,

      Yes, this is separate. I think in hindsight butting the two Kickstarters together (one from Center Stage Miniatures, one for the fantasy skirmish miniatures-game) has introduced this confusion, so allow me to explain:

      Center Stage Miniatures are carrying a Torn World line of lead-free metal miniatures. They kicktarted this in February. It’s our IP, it’s their Kickstarter and their product.

      The Torn team is kickstarting “Torn Armor” 3/3.
      It’s a fantasy squad-based miniatures skirmish game. There is a video of the gameplay and even a preview to the kickstarter out there (or I can link you if that helps).

      Hope this explains the difference. Check out our FB wall for the core-set line-up:

  • Lemminkaeinen

    Aye, I think there are two separate Torn Worlds now.
    Here’s the currently live KS: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/centerstageminis/torn-world-28mm-miniatures?ref=live

  • Grim6

    Allyssa, that’s great to hear. I look forward to seeing them. It will be nice to be able to get a KS where you can read the rulebook ahead of time (ahem…)

    Looking at the http://www.tornworld.com/, it looks like the KS above is minis for the RPG, and I think the KS starting on the 3rd is for a board game called Torn Armor.

    • The minis above are IN THE GAME 🙂

      It’s a fantasy skirmish game. There is a concept of a “unit,” which can be 1 miniature (like a war golem or behemoth assault unit, even a lone hero) or up to 8 miniatures. A unit occupies a hex.

      The guys above are a kickstarter only special at the $100 pledge level. They represent TWO UNITS. If a player purchases both ingame (during game set-up) and has them side-by-side on the battlefield, they fight a little stronger than when they are alone.

      Because the entire game is based on Torn World lore, you get a a little background on each unit card, a little flavor text, and things like the guys above … a bit of the RPG feel, you know?

  • There will, indeed, be another Kickstarter for Torn World the Miniatures Game. It’s coming on the 3rd and running through March 4th.

    • Hey PB – March 3rd to APRIL 4th.


      Otherwise that’s one helluva short KS =D