Torn Armor teams up with Reaper Miniatures to bring the Clockwork Dragon to Kickstarter

Torn Armor and Reaper Miniatures are joining forces over on Kickstarter. If you’re one of the first 500 backers at $75 or more, they’ll add the Clockwork Dragon to your order for free.

From the announcement:

Torn Armor is pleased to announce, in collaboration with Reaper Miniatures, the inclusion of the Serath Clockwork Dragon miniature figurine as part of the Torn Armor game line. This massive miniature, popular with gamers, includes a Torn Armor unit card for use in the game.

  • blkdymnd

    Awesome collaboration!

  • Grim6

    Love the clockwork dragon! That pushed me over. I was pretty sure I was going to back it, but that sealed it for me.

  • tornworld_jack

    And in case you guys missed it, Alyssa “unveils” the mini here