Torn Armor slithers along

Torn Armor gives us another update about how things are coming along with their Kickstarter campaign.

serpentfolk shaman jpg


From the update:

I just realized that “miniature status” could be “just a little update” or it could be “an update on the status of the miniatures …” so let’s go with the latter, because it’s way sexier.

So the print product is with the production company, they’ve got their down payment and have confirmed receipt of all files. We’re looking at 2 weeks (their timeline) to get a prototype back to us, so needless to say excitement is mounting here. Maybe we should do a little unboxing event at our local gamestore Guardian Games?

The other news is that Tim Barry and I have resumed the mold-readying of the miniatures and he has been doing an absolutely great job: thickening pieces and parts, noodling poses where the piece would not cast appropriately, etc. My objective is to be able to put these in front of Reaper Miniatures to secure a quote on miniature production and as this process moves forward I will keep you in the loop.