Torn Armor Kickstarter now under way

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Mar 3rd, 2013

Torn Armor launched their Kickstarter campaign today. Go over and check it out.

From the campaign:

Torn Armor is a fantasy skirmish miniature game based on the rich lore of “Torn.” It features anthropomorphic creatures such as cat, mouse, monkey, and rhino-headed creatures in their desperate defense of their homeland against the Spartan-like “Sisk” invaders.

Each side is beautifully brought to life through 39 expertly crafted miniatures, ranging from the 20mm “Mu” (mice-men), through to the lumbering war golems that tower a spectacular 60mm on the game board.

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  • blkdymnd


  • Grim6

    This looks pretty good. I like the hybrid board game/tabletop game. Looking forward to the rules. My wallet weeps… :p

  • The miniatures look amazing! I hope they will get to the Behemoth Assault Units.

  • cama

    All I want is that Hephalump and all the mice units.

    Yes, I will buy them. The rest I don’t want or need, but I likes mice, and I likes Hephalumps.

  • grimbergen

    Love the concept and minis, but too pricey for me. At least for now. Guess I’ve been spoiled by CMON’s KS enticements… even though I gladly paid for the $100+ pledge levels on the CMON projects — with the stretch goals unlocking the neverending free stuff being added — I can’t get myself to commit to this yet.

  • blkdymnd

    Get yourself to commit to help us plegers get to the more lucrative stretches, and if you’re still not happy with the swag, cancel near the end. It costs nothing to pledge initially while you wait to see if the stretches will meet your taste, but helps the overall process in growing the project.

    • grimbergen

      Yeah.. i used to do that… until I got burned twice when I forgot to cancel my bids on projects that never got to the good strech goals. I just don’t have that kind of money to throw around anymore and will have resort to getting it on discount from CSI or MM.