Tor Gaming post new rules for Relics

Tor Gaming have posted new rules for their Relics fantasy skirmish rules.

From their announcement:

We have just posted the first two new rules into our rules studio on our forum: Morale.

First cut of the in-development morale rules. We’d love to hear what people think of these early in the development process. These are designed to be compatible with the QSR so you can pick them up and play straight away

Vaettir QSR List
First cut of the in-development third QSR army list. These will become part of the free to download version of the Relics rules. These are also compatible with the Morale rules above.

You don’t need to be a member of the forum to download them but we’d love it if you joined and let us know your thoughts on the rules. Remember, they are early development rules so it’s a good chance to let us know your thoughts and see them evolve.