Tor Gaming new releases and Relics QSR

Tor Gaming have new miniature releases and have posted the official Relics QuickStart Rules.

Britanan trooper

From their announcement:

Wow, what a weekend it is for us.

We have new releases, and to coincide with that, we are signing off the quick start rules to make them official. So, first of all, where can you find the official QSR? Easy, here.

Once you have got them, you may want some models to play the game with, well what a coincidence, as we have the Dragoons and the Docga now in stock!!

However, that is not it. With the Dragoons and Docgas now in stock, we can now send out the starter packs. Both the Britanan and Orcnar starter packs are of equal points (well, 10 points between them but that’s not an issue) and a great place to build a force from.

Britanan Starter
Orcnar Starter

If you fancy taking you game of Relics beyond the QSR, you can find the latest snippets of some of the development rules for the full game in the Rules Studio on our forum.

Currently in the Rules Studio, you will find the rules for Morale, Overkill and the Vaettir QSR list. We will be adding the Command, Magic and others over the next few weeks.

Why not download them, try them out then let us know your thoughts. We really would love to hear what you think (yes, we really would, it is not just the usual talk) and you never know, you may be able to help develop Relics into the game that we all want to be playing.